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  • Is the West Getting China Wrong? With Keyu Jin and Gideon Rachman

    China’s power has been growing for decades. A formidable and emerging power on the world stage, the China that most Westerners think they know is an intimidating, authoritarian nation which plans to take over the world. According to leading economist Keyu Jin, this prejudiced take on China is bli...

  • Who is the real Xi Jinping?

    He’s one of the most powerful people in the world – yet in the West we know little about him. Who is Xi Jinping? And what are his ambitions for China and the world?

    In May 2022 writer and academic Kerry Brown came to Intelligence Squared to shed light on China’s enigmatic leader. Drawing from r...

  • Inside China's Quest for Social Control, with Josh Chin

    China's quest for social control is now playing out in ways that should worry us all. That's the argument of award-winning journalist Josh Chin who comes to Intelligence Squared on February 14 to tell the unsettling stories of the millions of people who live under the constant gaze of the Chinese...

  • Debate: Its Time for the West to Get Tough with China

    Tom Tugendhat, Conservative MP and Chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee debates with Kishore Mahbubani, Singaporean civil servant, diplomat and academic on these questions: Do we need to prevent a Beijing-dominated world or is it only a matter of time before China usurps the US as the w...

  • Why China’s Cultural Revolution Still Matters, with Tania Branigan

    More than fifty years on, the scars of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution still run through the heart of Chinese society, and through the souls of its citizens. Stationed in Beijing for the Guardian, Tania Branigan came to realise that this brutal and turbulent decade continues to propel and shap...

  • Xi’s China: What does the future hold? With Yasheng Huang and Kerry Brown

    As protests erupted last week across China in response to continuing lockdowns and the country's zero covid policy, two leading experts join Intelligence Squared to discuss how significant a moment this is for China and President Xi Jinping. Some commentators have compared the protests to 1989, w...

  • Western liberal democracy would be wrong for China

    Want to join the debate? Check out the Intelligence Squared website to hear about future live events and podcasts:

    Filmed at the Emmanuel Centre on 7th November 2012.

    Event info...

  • China: Friend or Foe?

    Is China, with its unfair trade policies and shameless theft of intellectual property, an enemy that needs to be reined in? Or is it in the West’s best interests to view China as a strategic partner and aim for mutual respect and cooperation?

    We were joined by Keyu Jin, Professor of Economics at...

  • Debate: It’s Time to Treat China Like an Adversary not a Partner

    China: a partner or adversary? Nathan Law, Alan Mendoza, Shirley Yu and Vince Cable debate how nations should approach China on questions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Covid-19, economics and national security.