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  • Nick Cave & Seán O’Hagan On Faith, Hope & Carnage

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    ‘We are all, at some point in our lives, obliterated by loss. If you haven’t been by now, you will be in time – that’s for sure. And, of course, if you have been fortunate enough to have been truly loved, in this world, you will also cause extraordinary pain to others when you leave it. That’s th...

  • Mary Beard and Rory Stewart on Politics and Power

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    Who gets to win power and how do they keep it – and lose it? Who is excluded from power? Does power always corrupt or are there examples of leaders who have maintained their integrity while in authority? How does the nature of power vary across different times and cultures? These are the question...

  • Oliver Burkeman: The Sceptic’s Guide To Self-Help

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    Nobody in the history of humanity has ever achieved ‘work-life balance,’ whatever that might be, and you certainly won’t get there by copying the ‘six things successful people do before 7 a.m.' – Oliver Burkeman

    Oliver Burkeman is the anti-self-help author that everyone interested in self-help s...

  • The Battle for Your Brain, with Nita Farahany

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    Imagine a world where people who suffer from epilepsy receive alerts moments before a seizure, where the average person can peer into their own mind to eliminate painful memories and we can easily cure addictions. This is also a world where your brain could be interrogated to learn your political...